May 21, 2011: rapture or party time?

May 21, 2011: rapture or party time? 

I just want to point out some interesting items from this story…

“To answer one popular question: Camping has not sold his Alameda home, nor has he given away his possessions, although media reports suggest a handful of believers have cashed in and pulled up stakes in anticipation of the final day.

Camping says God wants people to live every day humbly and as evenly as the next.”

So, by cracky, let’s hold on to those possessions, you never know when you might need them.

“New Zealanders will be the first to know, Camping said. At 6 p.m. their time – 11 p.m. Friday in the Bay Area – a great earthquake will shake the island asunder, triggering an apocalypse that rolls relentlessly our way.”

At least God respects time zones!

“His follower Evans plans to huddle at home with his wife and children. ‘I know I want to be with them when it happens, God have mercy,’ he said.”

‘Huddling’ at home and ‘God have mercy’? Sounds like fear has been instilled int this true believer… fear of a ‘loving’ God.

Oh my. And though it is not mentioned in this article I read in another that from tomorrow until September, Jesus was going to reign on the earth and torment and torture those left behind. Is this “For God so loved the world” sort of stuff? Just my thoughts.

Gee, I love my children so much I think I’m gonna go home and squeeze their fingers with pliers.

I apologize for my cynicism, but this is just silliness. If there is a God, then Camping and his followers’ actions are most definitely blasphemy of the highest sort.  Where are the mythbusters when you need them!

As you were.

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