In memorium, Florence Lois Rosenbalm Hoffman

A woman among women. In this world where so many people have such great influence and renown, there are pockets here and there where differing numbers of people have had the distinct pleasure of knowing truly great people. People that will not be on the cover of magazines, nor will the paparazzi chase them for that elusive photo. But the ones who know them realize their true value. A value incalculable in worldly treasures. Such a person was Florence Hoffman. I, and so many others who were in her company cannot even begin to relate just how important her influence was. I can’t imagine how my life would be without her guidance, not that I heeded it all the time. Of course I should have. The world is a poorer place without her, and I will miss her very much. I love you Mom, if there is any good thing in me, or about me, it is most assuredly due to you.

One response to “In memorium, Florence Lois Rosenbalm Hoffman”

  1. I know your Mom because I know you, Marv! Your life is the biggest tribute to your Mom. Your zest for life, your glass is half-full attitude, your sense of adventure, your sense of responsibility, your willingness to try new things, your generosity and thoughtfulness, your self-initiative, your grounded-ness, your ability to connect with people from all walks of life: Surely Florence Hoffman, your Mom, influenced you and mentored you. You will never be without her influence: You carry her in your heart always. You are your mother’s son. And I am proud to know you, and through you, to have a sense of your Mom.

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