I’m back…

Not that that’s ground breaking news really. But I am feeling much better, and ready to get on with things.

My Mother had been sick for the past few months, and I spent some time traveling back to east Tennessee to help care for her. Sadly on 5/19, she passed away. I know I blogged a memorium for her, but now I think the first phase of my grieving process may be over. Or at least transitioning to the next phase. I know now that the realization of her absence is really starting to hit. Whenever I would walk to the bank, or go to lunch, I’d usually call her. Just a “Hey how’re you feeling” call. Now like a phantom pain, I find myself reaching for my phone often. And I’m dreaming of her too. Which makes waking up a total bummer. But at least I feel that I’m moving on now. Love you Mom, and I miss you much.

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