Mother Nature’s Son…

Great song. And I am one! Well not as much as I should be I guess. But the focus on this entry is purely Mother Nature. I am unfortunately at the UT Medical Center with my Mother and there is a UTMC TV selector. One of the channels is the “Relaxation Channel”. Now anyone who knows me will tell you that this channel is right up my alley. I love relaxing new age music, and the scenic vistas are… well… relaxing! Very relaxing I might add. But here’s my point. Yes I’m getting to it… ooooo shiny…. oops sorry almost got distracted. Ok. the scenic vistas are; mountain streams, waterfalls, water birds walking along the shore of some body of water, and oceans. Hmm notice I didn’t mention;  traffic, city streets filled with rubbish, country roads lined with discarded trash, lines of cars in a state park all trying take a picture of a pseudo-domesticated wild animal, smoke stacks, power lines stretching across a once beautiful meadow. Is the picture becoming clearer? Yep the former is all natural, and the latter all man-made, or man-ruined! Why is it I often feel that the human race is like a newly post-pubescent male who thinks he has it all figured out, ignoring the advice of his Mother, and going his own way. Making his own path. But when the “you know what” hits the fan, to whom does he turn for consolation, recuperation, and rest? You got it. His Mother (well as a man hopefully his Father too sometimes, but I am writing as a simile) So to whom do we turn when “our” creation beats us down? Yeah, Mother Nature. To get recharged and revitalized. Whether you choose to say it’s God’s creation and is sharing some Godly grace, or it’s the remnants of the “soup” from whence we crawled it’s still our Mother. And like any young man, we need to grow up and start taking care of our Mother. Nuff said.

As you were.

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