iPad, youPad, we allPad for iPad!

So, are we all excited about the impending introduction of Apple’s new iPad? I’ve very excited. I’m not necessarily going to buy one, but I am hoping that this will usher in the new era of tablet computing! I’ve been enamored of tablet computers for years, but the pricing has always been prohibitive. It seems to me that now we may be finally getting what all us nerds have needed for so long! I mean, come on get real… every sci-fi show known to man has had some sort of tablet computer with a touch screen with which our heroes have saved the day with! I’m considering buying one and camping out by CERN just in case the LHC does cause one of those planet eating black holes. Then I’ll be poised to “tap” the screen a few times while matrix like code streams up and down and across the screen. Then voila! I will have saved the day and be standing by for my accolades in all my spandex space-uniformed glory!

As you were.

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