Resistance is futile.

So yes, I caved. I am typing this, with much less difficulty than I thought, on my new iPad. And the verdict thus far… I love it! The form factor is not awkward. It’s not too heavy, nor is it too flimsy. With the faster processor, it’s quite zippy! And just like the iPhone, the touch navigation is a dream. In my opinion this is the future of personal “casual” computing. Of course when I’m writing code, or for many work tasks the iPad is not appropriate, but I feel that this will be my de facto browsing, face booking, wordpressing, emailing machine.

I did buy the cheapest model, because I’m cheap and was still unsure of this platform, but I can see that when the 2nd generation comes out I’ll probably buy the 3G (or 4G?) version.

I’ll keep you posted!

As you were.

2 responses to “Resistance is futile.”

  1. Have you noticed everything with Apple is I… I this and I that… I think I’ll will hold out for the WE pad… (if I get one at all).

  2. wePad? David, you’re still thinking far too greedily.

    I want the youPad.

    It’ll be technology that you can’t actually use yourself, thus forcing us to be good, moral people comrades.

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