• Sail on Sailor…

    “Life would be pretty monotonous if the sky was always blue.” Robin Graham “One learns from the sea how little one needs, not how much. These were our islands now, islands cut off from the world of concrete and steel, from freeways and television.” “Happiness has no frontiers, that it’s a state of mind and… Continue reading

  • The Holler

    “I’m always making Butcher Holler sound like the most backward part of the United States-and I think maybe it is.” Loretta Lynn “The pull of our roots can be such a strong force, no matter how far or wide we may roam.” Lauren McDuffie “Appalachia, in fact, is a very matriarchal culture. We revere our… Continue reading

  • Joyful Sadness

    Joyful Sadness I am sad. Memories half-remembered have filled my dreams; sometimes coalescing into brilliance. Fleeting though. The aftermath a sadness of recollection lost. Past loved ones slipping into the oblivion of eternal night. Intangible ghosts; tendrils of nothing. Daylight brings hope for remembrance. I shake at the acme of the day; the slope of… Continue reading

  • The Rock Quarry

    I have climbed Mount Everest. I have also climbed the Matterhorn. I have fought German Panzers advancing on Patton’s position. I have broken trail with Daniel Boone. And I have parlayed with the leaders of the Sioux nation whilst living amongst them as a mountain man. All within earshot of my mother calling me to… Continue reading