It’s true… computers are changing our lives.

As technology has changed during time’s march across the human landscape, our perceptions, language, nature, and actions have become altered. Probably irrevocably. And now According to an article on MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35338085/ns/technology_and_science-love_in_the_digital_age/
The dating landscape has a new landmine to avoid. Some online daters are now preferring “elationships”! No physical meeting, just electronic communications. I find this interesting, and I’ve also found myself doing this.

Subdivisions changed the fabric of the neighborhood, and now electronic communication is changing the way we socialize and even date. I suppose like any good “-oholic”, I will deny that I am addictied to social mediums; facebook and the lot. But really, I have to check my email every day… I have to check facebook everyday… egads man! I think I am. Oh well. Ok I’ll admit that… but I’ll certainly deny it’s a problem!

I’m going to have to ponder this elationships thing. I’d sure like to hear what everyone else thinks.

As you were.

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