Sail on Sailor!

Over Christmas I was offered a free subscription to a magazine with one of my purchases. So this year I chose Outside magazine. Well I perused my first issue after it arrived, and lo and behold in the classifieds in the back was an advertisement for the barque Picton-Castle. It’s a three masted barque, and it’s claim to fame is that it sails around the world every eighteen months. And for a wad of cash, you can sign on to the sailing school and go. Well, my interest is really piqued now! So I am considering this as my goal.

In looking up about other offers and such, I discovered this little tidbit. A sixteen year old girl has started a quest to become the youngest ever solo circumnavigator! Very cool. Here is her blog.

I remember when I was a kid I read the National Geographic articles of a young man, Robin Graham who started out sailing the globe as a sixteen year old. Technology at the time was much behind what it is now. I was always amazed at this story. It took Robin about four years, he replaced his boat, and got married during the trip. Quite an adventure.

As you were.

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