What this world needs is more sissy bars!

And I’m not talking about any sort of drinking establishments! No, I’m talking about all the awesome accessories that our bicycles had when I was younger. I recall the most killer bike I had was a Western Auto one with a black seat with red racing stripes, butterfly handlebars, and a big ole sissy bar on the back! Man now those were the days. You didn’t have to wear those fancy pants with the “extra” little padding in that certain area. That banana seat was built for comfort! And are you ready for the kicker? The rear tire was a “slick”. Yeah, you young kids have no idea what that means, but that was a sweet bike! Ahhhhh man I’d love to have that one back!

I grew up in the country, and used to ride my bike for miles and miles. Funny, now that would be unheard of! Oh well. Safety first!

Here’s a link to get you going:

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