Red White and Food

Support wine sales in Tennessee retail food stores
Many Red White and Food members like you have been vocal about your support for wine in retail food stores. You’ve contacted your legislators, told your friends about the issue, and some have even written letters to the editor.Your support has made the campaign a phenomenal success. And we’re very close to what we believe is a huge milestone.If we add 800 people, we’ll reach the incredible accomplishment of 25,000 members.

Please help us spread the word by participating in the Where’s the Wine? Social Media Day this Thursday.

How you can participate

Where’s the Wine? Social Media Day (details) is a time to show your support by posting a status update on Facebook, tweeting about what wine you’ll buy when this legislation passes, and even writing a blog post. There is much more information on our Web site about how to get involved. Here are just a few of the ideas:

>> Change your Facebook status and profile pic. Become a fan of our Facebook page. Join the conversation on our Wall and Discussions tab.

>> Attend the Red White and Food Happy Hour March 25 (details). It’s from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Flyte in Nashville.


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